Jewelry as a way of life!
We are a family that produces handmade bracelets and necklaces.
Mother (Véronique) and daughters (Maï and Lena) arrived in Ibiza in 2010 looking for a change of life. Today we are a tribe with Leon, Joss and Noraan.
In constant evolution, Las Dalias has offered us an incredible playground to share our creativity.
Season after season, we put ourselves at the service of visitors, making the jewels they wanted, as they have earned us a great reputation. 
They welcomed us like "the nomads of pearls" and here we are Las Almaritas.
This name speaks of a song where a young woman with long hair dances with her arms covered with bracelets.
Our jewels are light as well as resistant, we choose the materials with care and we love to play with materials and colors.
Today, we have to adapt to a new way of existing ... and for us, it is a revolution, since we love your smiles and take a few minutes with each of you in the little timeless space that constitutes our stand.
But we take on this new challenge and we guarantee that we continue to make our jewelry in a traditional way with a lot of heart and attention.
Las Almaritas en Las Dalias

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