Red Necklace
Red Necklace
Red Necklace
Red Necklace

Red Necklace

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The Red color symbolizes power, action, red which is associated with vitality, ambition and passion. Red also brings self-confidence, courage and an optimistic attitude towards life. Success, triumph, blood, strength, take action and achieve your goals.

Our symbols:

  • The flower of life is a very powerful symbol, it transmits inner tranquility and gratitude towards life.
  • the sun and the moon represent the energy of the father and mother, also in this symbol you can see a little angel.

The material :

Cotton and polyester thread, pendant and brass ring, crystal pearls and Swarovski pearls.

They are resistant to water.


The measurement is adjustable, it has two pearls that slide to be able to put the measurement to taste.

If you visit Ibiza we will meet in Las Dalias!


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