Green Bracelet
Green Bracelet
Green Bracelet
Green Bracelet
Green Bracelet
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Green Bracelet

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 Green is the color of life, it transmits strength and energy.

It represents fertility, birth and growth.

Our symbols:

-The shell represents abundance, prosperity and connection with the spirit of the ocean.

-the flower of life is a very powerful symbol, it transmits inner tranquility and gratitude towards life.

-the sun and the moon represent the energy of the father and mother, also in this symbol you can see a little angel.

-the compass rose is the symbol of travelers, for those who want to start over with new ideas. It helps them on the right path to follow. It transmits a sense of freedom with protection and guidance.

The material:

Cotton and polyester threads, brass chain, brass pendant and ring, metal clasp (without nickel), glass beads and cotton pompom.

They are resistant to water.

The size: 

We have two sizes:

-15cm ~ 16cm (S)

-17cm ~ 18cm (M)

If you visit Ibiza we will meet in Las Dalias!

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